Friday, August 26, 2016

Let's Get Organized

Ever since eighth grade I have used an agenda. It provides a place to write down important dates for tests, quizzes and projects and homework. I can never remember anything if I don't write it down, so in high school when the teacher called out the homework at the end of class I always scrambled to grab my agenda and jot it down. My agenda makes my life so much easier when it comes to homework.

I couldn't convince myself to buy anything other than a Lilly agenda for this year, so I ended up purchasing this large agenda in Southern Charm. With more activities, events and work that comes with college I think I might end up needing something a little bigger, but I'm going to stick with my tried and true large agenda for a few months and hope it works. You can see how I used my agenda in high school here. I'll have an updated post for how I use my agenda in college in a few months once I get my system down.

Recently I have looked into other agendas that might work just as well if not better than the Lilly agendas for college. I looked up YouTube reviews so I could see in depth what other agendas offered and I never knew that people were into making sticker spreads and "planning" their agendas. The pages look so pretty, but I doubt I would ever have the time or patience to sit down every week and decorate my agenda.

Here are a few adorable agendas that would be perfect for school! Whether you are a middle school, high school or college student, an agenda is essential for staying organized and on top of all of your assignments.

What type of agenda do you use? Let me know in a comment below! 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

DIY Folder & Binder Covers

Well I'm officially all moved into my dorm at Virginia Tech! So far college is awesome and I think I'm going to get along with my roomie really well.  I moved in on Wednesday and stepped back from the blog for a few days, so I could get adjusted. Bear with me if posts become less frequent. Classes start tomorrow, so it might be a little crazy trying to get textbooks and start working!

Today I have a DIY project that is perfect for back to school. I'm not a binder person and instead I use folders to store all of my papers for each of my classes. I've used this little trick to make my school supplies look cute for years and thought that I would share how I make them using Microsoft Word. Keep in mind that I have a Apple laptop so the screenshots below and how to make them will look a little different on Windows.

Basically all you do is find a cute print you want as a background, insert it onto the document, resize it to fill the page, add text, and print! I have a detailed step by step guide below to help you have the cutest folders and binders in case you might need some more detailed help.

Step 1- Use google and search "Lilly Pulitzer prints" or a specific name of a print that you like. You can even use your own photos if you want, but I prefer Lilly prints. Then save it to your computer and open word. Click on insert picture and browse from file and then click on your photo to insert it.

Step 2- Resize it to fill the entire page. I used the wrap icon and "position in top center" to first get it to be able to fill the page.

Step 3- Then use wrap text and click "tight" so you can stretch the image to completely fit.

Step 4- The image then should completely fill the entire page. If your using a print that looks stretched in a weird way then keep stretching it to one side horizontally after it fills the page and usually it makes the print look clearer.

Step 5- Draw a text box

Step 6- Type your name. You can skip this step if you don't want your name on it. 

Step 7- Change the color to what you want. I used black.

Step 8- Draw a larger text box in the middle of the page that spans across the page. For the first line indicating the type of class and the number I used the font Playfair Display SC. You can obviously use any font that you want! 

Step 9- Then I added the class name below in the font Chasing Embers. I recommend Da Font to download more pretty fonts if you don't like the generic ones your computer comes with.

Step 10- Change the color of the text. I like to match the text color to a color in the background, so first click on more colors. 
If you click on the little dropper next to the black color box above it will open a magnifying glass and you can move your mouse over the background image to find a color you like. Click on the part of the  image with the color you want, then press ok and the text will match exactly to the color you selected in the background. 

Voila! You have a super cute binder or folder cover. All you need to do now is print it out! 

For flimsier folders without a clear front pocket you can print out the page on card stock paper and then place it in a clear paper protector. Then cut off the hole punch on the edge of the sheet protector and then place the sheet protector with the printed page on top of the folder and staple each of the four corners. I used this trick a few years ago when staples ran out of the folders with pockets on the front. I use these folders from staples that have a clear front pocket where I slip the paper in and don't need a sheet protector or card stock paper.

I hope this helped anyone who didn't know how to make these! They are so fun and I always get a bunch of compliments.

Email me photos if you decide to make your own. I would love to see how yours look! and ask any questions in the comments below and I would be happy to help! 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Dress Up Your Desk

One of my favorite parts of my room at home is my desk. I have this desk (with different hutch not made anymore) from Pottery Barn Kids that I've had ever since fourth grade. It's important to have a dedicated workspace for getting homework and studying done and a desk in your room is the perfect place. Having a cute decorated space makes it just a little easier to crank out those essays and work calculus problems.

I've had fun picking out a few new pieces for my desk in my dorm, so here are a few favorites! 

1. Agenda // Obviously I had to include this favorite. Whether your in class, at your desk or the library this agenda will surely brighten up your study space while keeping you organized. Check out how I use my agenda here. 

2. Notepad // I have quite an obsession with paper, especially paper with monograms. Notepads are perfect for scribbling to-do lists or mapping our study schedules. 

3. Stapler // Gold accessories are my jam. I love this stapler that I picked up from target. It will be the perfect compliment to all the bright colors on my desk. 

4. Pencils // Design Darling has such cute desk accessories! The little sayings on these pencils are adorable. 

5. Pencil Cup // I also love the look of acrylic desk accessories. I just ordered this same pencil cup with a hot pink monogram and know it will look great in my dorm. There are a bunch of other styles and colors available too and White Elephant Designs has excellent customer service. I had a problem with another item in my order and they got right back to me and corrected the issue. 

6. Paper Clip Display // This will be perfect for displaying photos or for saving random papers for easy access. 

7. Zebra Dish // My dorm room is going to be quite small, so my desk will probably double as both a vanity and a desk. I ordered this dish to put my jewelry on at night during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. The sale has now ended, but it might just be too cute to pass up. 

8. Pink Tape Dispenser // Poppin has a great line of brightly colored products. This tape dispenser will add a great pop of pink to my work area. 

9. Gold Pineapple Candle // I won't be allowed to actually burn this candle in my dorm, but I thought that it was just too perfect. Pineapples are another fave so adding one to my desk only seemed fitting. 

10. Ruler // I don't know how often I'll actually use a ruler, but I loved the color combination of the pink and green on another great product from Poppin. 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Freshman Year Bucket List

After reading both Frannie and Caroline's posts on their bucket lists for freshman year I thought that I would make my own. With move in less than a week away (eek!) college is becoming more and more a reality. There are going to be so many new experiences and memories and I thought I would write down a few things I hope to check off my college bucket list.

1. Go to every home football game // Tech has a pretty amazing football game and I cannot wait to jump to Enter Sandman, cheer on my team, and experience first hand the crazy energy of Lane Stadium on game day. I've never been to a Tech game so it will be so cool to get to experience it first as a student. Thankfully my season tickets have been ordered so I will for sure not miss a single game. 

2. Go through Rush // I'm not 100% sure if Greek life is for me. Thankfully we have delayed rush in January which gives me time to get an idea of what it's all about and adjust to school before making the commitment of joining a sorority. With Tech being a really big school it's important to me to make the school feel smaller and Greek life is the perfect way to do this. I think that going through rush, even if I think a sorority might not be for me, is still a great way just to see if I find a group of girls I click with. There's always the option to drop or even join a sorority and later drop if I don't like it, but I'm really hoping a sorority will help me find my place on campus. 

3. Learn to Spend Money on a Budget // Learning to live on my own away from my parents means learning how to spend money responsibly. College is expensive and I think it's important to set limits for myself so I don't indulge my online shopping addiction and come home with half of Target. My dad and I are sitting down this weekend to form a rough budget plan for the first few weeks and then hopefully as I find out how much and what I'm spending money on we can adjust it as needed. I also heard of this awesome app called Mint that allows you to set a budget and track your spending, so hopefully that will work for me. 

4. Cadet vs. Civilian Snow ball fight // On the day of the first snow fall every year Tech has a tradition of having a cadet vs. civilian snow ball fight. Ever since I heard of the tradition while looking at colleges I thought it sounded like so much fun! 

5. Find my Favorite Dining Hall // Virginia Tech is known for their food and consistently ranked as one of the top colleges for their dining in the nation! There are so many dining halls and tons of options for getting great food. I'm hoping I can learn how to use the confusing dining plan and find my way to the different dining halls. Also finding the best place for weekend brunch (on or off campus), study snacks, and a healthy dinner are on my list. 

6. Maintain a gym routine // I used to be really good at getting a workout in at least 5 days a week by either going to the gym or a walk/run outside. Now I've sort of fallen off that bandwagon and I miss being in shape and the feeling of finishing a great workout. With the lack of exercise has come with some weight gain, so I plan on making exercise a habit and a part of my daily routine. Pretty soon I won't even have to think about working out as it will just be another part of my day. 

7. Try a group fitness class // I've never really been into fitness classes and instead opted for the cardio room at the gym. The gym is free, but you have to pay for fitness classes at Tech. During the first week of classes fitness classes are free, so I'm hoping to try a few out and see if I like them enough to purchase a class pass. 

8. Join clubs // Pretty much everyone says this, but I really want to find activities that I will genuinely enjoy and become involved with. I already plan to join the Equestrian Club, a Poli Sci Club, and some kind of community service oriented club. VT also hosts Gobblerfest on the drill field where every club and student organization has a table with members passing out information about their club. I definitely plan on attending so I can find some fun things to join. 

9. Volunteer for the Big Event // Virginia Tech has a day every year where thousands of students team up and complete various community service projects to give back to the town of Blacksburg and the community. 

10. Go Hiking // With Tech's beautiful location in the mountains I'm hoping to get some friends together and take advantage of the area. 

11. Make Dean's List // In between all of the activities above I'm hoping to find some time to study. Just kidding, earning my degree is my main priority, so I want to put it first and focus on making the best grades possible to set the foundation for a solid GPA. With that being said I want to have fun too, but I know that it's essential to find that happy balance that keeps my grades up while also having a blast. 

I still can't believe I will be starting my life as a college student so soon! Let me know what's on your college bucket list in the comments below! 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Review

I totally gave into the hype and purchased not one but three of Kylie Jenner's lip kits. You might be thinking why are you crazy? Well I wanted to try them out and when a restock occurs you start thinking they might disappear if you don't order them that second. I also may have just watched 3 episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians that day #noshame.

I purchased the shades Mary Jo K, KoKo K, and Posie K. Here's what the box looks like when you open it up.

Kylie even wrote me a handwritten note! How thoughtful!
Each kit comes with a lip liner and a matte liquid lipstick 

Here are swatches of both the lip liner and liquid lipsticks (left to right: Mary Jo K, Posie K, and Koko K) 

My favorite of the 3 shades is definitely Koko K. It's an easy neutral that literally goes with anything.  Posie K is a dark pink-purple shade while Mary Jo K is a classic deep true red (no hints of orange). I found that the other two shades might require a different look than my typical summer outfits of Lilly Pulitzer and bright colors. Both shades require a different style to really work. I'm thinking for me that I'll get much more use out of those two shades once fall and winter roll around and I switch to dark colors and boots. They are the perfect colors for a darker going out look. 

As for the formula for these lip kits I think it is alright. The formula really dries out the lips and the colors are a little different than I expected from the website. Despite them being drying, they last for a really long time! I went out to dinner one night and my the lipstick stayed put even after eating and drinking. This may be why the lipsticks are so drying because they really lock on to your lips. To combat the dryness,  I make sure to apply lip balm a while before I actually put the lipstick on and only use a small amount of the lipstick. MakeupByTiffanyD (love her!) has a great video review and I use her technique for applying the lip kit to my lips. 

Overall I think purchasing one of these shades is a great buy for anyone wanting a long lasting lipstick. Most of the colors other than neutrals are on the edgier side, so it takes the right look to really be able to pull these off. I think I might be reaching for any of these shades for a fun going out look in the future. 

Have you tried out the lip kits? Let me know in a comment below!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Sneak Peek: My Dorm Room

These past few weeks have been filled with dorm shopping galore. I can't even tell you how many times I've been to Target this week! I feel so much better knowing that I'm around 90% done getting everything I need with a little less than two weeks until move in day. I thought that I would share a little sneak peak into how I am decorating my dorm. 

My roommate and I chose a navy and white with pops of color theme for our dorm. Originally we were going to match bedding, but between the bedding being backordered and a monogram fiasco for my roommate we now are going to have different bedding, but the same overall color scheme. I chose to make my pops of color mostly hot pink and orange while my roommate is doing blue toned hues for her accent color. 

I get really into this sort of thing, so I've spent the past few weeks browsing online boutiques, instagram and anything I could find for ideas. Interior Decorating runs in the family as my great grandmother was an interior decorator, so maybe that's where I get it from (haha!). My goal is to make my dorm feel comfortable and of course cute! Nothing screams Helen more than monograms and bright colors. 

Bedding // I picked out this navy and white ribbon trimmed bedding from PBteen and opted to have it monogrammed. I'm not 100% impressed with the monogramming as it turned out a lot smaller and the letters are not as thick as pieces I have had monogrammed from local embroidery shops. I have a bunch of throw pillows that will probably end up covering up the monogram, so it really isn't that big of a deal. Originally I wanted white bedding, but after thinking about it and my mom telling me it wasn't practical for a dorm room I realized that navy would hide inevitable stains from studying and eating on a bed much more easily than white.

Fabric // After seeing this adorable dorm photo on pinterest and browsing Dorm Decor's website, I fell in love with Lacefield's Kai fabric in Mulberry. The pink geometric print with orange dots is just so cute! I found an awesome deal on Etsy for the fabric and chose to order a few yards to use to cover the headboard I am going to make this weekend (wish me luck!). I also ordered this pillow for my bed to match.

Giraffe Print // A few years ago I stumbled upon Megan Carn's instagram and instantly adored her art work that you can purchase from her website. Recently she put a few of her prints on sale and I knew I wanted one for my dorm. I'm planning on crafting a gallery wall with different prints in frames to go around this gorgeous piece. Unfortunately my print isn't available anymore for purchase, but check back to her website if you're interested. She often restocks and puts prints back up for sale.

Pineapple Lamp // Oh my gosh I can't even tell you how much I love this lamp! After a trip up to Northern VA to go to the Container Store (so great for dorm shopping) we stopped by a huge Target up there on the way home and I was so excited when I found this lamp! I'm hoping I'll have room for a bedside table, but if not I just know I'll find a place to put it.

Pink Herringbone Blanket // I knew I needed a pop of pink at the end of my bed to add some color to my bedding. When I stumbled upon this blanket I just knew it would be perfect!

Navy Storage Cube // These are going to be so great for not only a cute decoration, but also for storage, extra seating, and as a stool.  I also purchased one in pink which isn't available to link online.

I am so excited for move in day and I can't wait to just get settled and start exploring all that college has to offer. Let me know in the comments below how you are decorating your dorm if you're an incoming freshman or in college! 

Monday, August 1, 2016

10 Tips for Applying to College

I can't believe it's been a year since I first sat down to fill out college applications. There are so many articles, posts, and opinions out there on how to do it that I think it's really easy to make the process feel 10 times more stressful than it needs to be. Never fear if I made it with success, so can you! I compiled all of the things I could think of into this one huge post to share my advice for any soon to be high school seniors.

I definitely want to be real and explain everything in detail about this as thoroughly as possible. As I said above there are so many articles giving tips, but not really explaining anything. They are the same things you hear over and over again. This is what worked for me, but everyone is different, so this might not work the best for you.

Illustration featured above from! Be sure to shop her adorable prints

1. Organization // This is literally the most important thing! I went to a workshop over the summer that a school in my area hosted and they created a binder for me that kept all of the information for each college I applied to in one place. I kept copies of essays, a list of passwords, printed copies of completed apps, a list of due dates and anything else related to college apps. This binder was right next to me anytime I was working on essays or applications. Having all of your info in one place makes filling out everything so much easier and faster. 

Make sure to mark your calendar with all deadlines!! Most if not all deadlines for applications are NOT flexible. They must be submitted by certain dates and each college has a certain date for different things (early decision/action, regular decision, scholarships, etc). It can get confusing really fast especially if you are applying to multiple colleges. I made a word document containing a list of colleges and all due dates and pinned it to my bulletin board on my desk. The daily reminder definitely helped keep me on track and aware of how much time I had left to get everything done. The best feeling was checking off each box once an app was submitted! Here is a photo of it all completed!  I kept another copy of this list in my agenda and in my college binder. 

2. SAT and ACT Testing // I definitely was not the best test taker...I did fine, but it just wasn't my forte and that's ok. Personally I chose to take a prep class on the SAT and the ACT a month or so before I took each of the tests for the first time. They aren't totally necessary, but it made me feel better by having a knowledgeable person explaining the format, strategies, and tricky problems. Other people don't take classes and just read the prep book and work problems. The test is going to be easier if you're good at tests or if you're willing to really put in the time and just drill yourself with practice problems and tests. Either way you need to put some time into taking practice tests so you can get used to the timing and how to pace yourself. That goes for each test. They are both similar, but also very different. 

I would suggest taking both tests (usually one clicks better than the other) at least twice. I always found that my scores increased the second time around. I took the SAT 3 times and the ACT 4 times which was a little crazy.  Seriously don't waste your time or money on taking these tests as many times as I did. I preferred the ACT and was convinced my score would go up the 4th time and it really didn't. You get to a point where your score plateaus and it's very hard to get it to increase. Some times it's worth it to take it a few more times especially with super scoring (different policies at each college) where some colleges will pull your highest scores from each section from multiple test dates. People often find this confusing, so for example if I scored on the ACT a 29 on Reading on one test and a 33 on another test date the college would only look at the 33.  It's important to review the testing policies each college has for admission because some colleges have different variations of how they review your scores. 

Just remember that if your scores are not what you want them to be it's all OK. Most colleges will tell you that one Saturday morning does not replace all of the hard work you have done throughout high school through grades and the activities you have been involved with. It's simply one factor in the process! 

3. When to Test // Be sure to take the PSAT that is given to both sophomores and juniors in October. This will give you a good idea if you are someone who just is naturally a good standardized test taker. It doesn't necessarily guarantee that you will do the same/better when you take the actual SAT, but it's good practice and helps you get used to the timed testing environment. 

At the beginning of Junior year pull up both the ACT website and the SAT website and look at the test dates for the school year. I sat down with my mom and made a list of when I would take both tests, so I could make sure we didn't have any known conflicts. Registration isn't open this far in advance, but around a month to two months before the test date make sure to register. Sometimes seats fill up fast and you might have to go to a school far away or not be able to go to your school if they serve as a testing center. It''s always nice to go to your school for testing so it's familiar, close by, and you might know a few people to chat with during breaks. 

I took my first SAT December of my Junior year and my first ACT in April. Junior year typically has a lot going on, so I would wait to start testing around November or December. It would be a great idea to take one SAT and one ACT and see which you prefer better before your second semester starts. It's a great idea to spread out testing, so you aren't stuck two Saturdays in a row taking tests. 

4. Teacher Recommendations // Here's where you kind of have some control over your application. You get to pick a teacher to ask for a recommendation letter. I would suggest deciding on two teachers that you feel know what type of student you are. At the end of junior year it's a great idea to kindly ask at least one teacher (especially if it's a popular teacher for recs) if they would be willing to write a letter for you. Make sure to give them a way out in case for some reason they have too many to write or wouldn't be comfortable. I did this and then within the first 2 weeks of school I put together a packet containing my resume and a list outlining the the colleges I needed recs for, the due dates, and how they should be submitted and gave them to the teacher. 

Please ask early! Teachers are busy people, so ask minimum a month before the due date for a recommendation. If you want a quality letter you need to give them time to write it. I would ask earlier (first few weeks of school) if you are applying early decision/action because the deadlines are much closer. 

I checked online a lot to see if the recommendations had been submitted. Don't hesitate to remind the teacher or send a friendly email just making sure that they are aware of the approaching deadline. Chances are if the teacher is cutting it close, they just have a lot going on or a lot of letters to write. Remember that it's not in their job to write these letters for you. It's a favor and with that you need to be respectful and appreciative. 

Don't forget to write a thoughtful handwritten thank you note. I wrote thank you notes at the end of every year during high school for each of my teachers. It was the best way to reflect on the year and show my teachers that I appreciated all of their hard work. I think that this helped me to stand out a little when it came time for recommendations. This is not the sole reason to write them each year, but it helps make you a little more memorable when most people don't write them. For recs, I find it incredibly important to write a thank you note. It's the least you can do when they took the time out of their busy schedule to do something for your benefit. I could literally go on a rant about this, so in short just write them!! 

5. Start Early // The Common Application that a lot of colleges use (not all) is available August 1! That's today and I would suggest getting it done along with the essays over the summer. I didn't take this advice and didn't have most of my apps completed and it was pretty stressful once school started to add on the task of getting 8 college applications completed. I went into senior year with 3/4 of the common app completed along with one essay finished when I had quite a few more essays to go. Take advantage of the time you have in summer! You will feel so much better and ready to tackle senior year if you have it all done. 

6. Follow Admission Blogs // Chances are if you're reading this, then you like reading blogs! A bunch of admissions offices have a blog that one of the admission officers runs. Some blogs are more active then others, but this gives you an inside look with advice from someone who is actually reviewing your application. You'll find answers to many questions, how they review your application, and all of the dos and don'ts. I recommend UVA's blog even if you aren't applying to UVA and especially if you are applying to a more competitive school. Dean J updates the blog frequently and has a lot of great advice. 

7. Touring // I highly recommend touring colleges before you apply! You obviously can apply to any college without ever setting foot on campus, but you will have such a better feel for the campus, the students, and the overall atmosphere of a college if you tour. Each college will have a registration section for tours on their website.

Also if you are applying to private colleges in particular you should know that they often track interest and use it as a factor in admission. Going on a tour, sending a thank you note, and emailing admissions are all tracked and demonstrate to them that you are interested! I would do all of these things to give you the best possible chance of admission. 

I had so much fun touring colleges with my mom.  Be sure to utilize any days off from school to use for touring! We also used my spring break to go on a little road trip down south and we had a blast. It's a great way to spend time with your parents especially when you're going away to college sooner than you think. Also make sure to actually go on the guided tour and attend the information session as opposed to just wandering around campus. You'll get to talk to a student who goes there, talk to admission officers, and see where you could be spending four years of your life. 

UVA tour and it started snowing! 

College of William & Mary Tour  
Virginia Tech tour!! I didn't even know that this would be where I would end up! 

JMU tour! I remember it being SO windy that day 

Elon University tour over spring break 

College of Charleston tour over spring break

UGA tour over spring break 

I also went back and toured colleges for accepted students day. This was the best way to help me make my decision. All of the colleges feel so different once you've been accepted because you know it is a real possibility! Also don't freak out if you don't get a feeling or have no idea where you want to go even after you tour. I didn't and it took me a few days after attending all of the accepted students days to make my final decision. 

8. Meet with your school counselor // I loved my school counselor! She was so sweet and I would go to her every month or so to just check in or to talk with her when I felt really stressed with school.  She was also amazing every year when I needed help figuring out which classes I should take and how colleges might view my schedule. 

Definitely make sure to meet with your school counselor at least by sophomore year to discuss colleges you are thinking about and which classes you should be taking. Then during junior year meet to discuss again which colleges you want to possibly apply to and he or she can help you to find some colleges that you may have not even thought about. Around junior year you start to find out your GPA and you start testing. This helps you narrow down which schools are reach, most likely and safety. Meeting early on in high school with your school counselor helps you to form a relationship and that way when they write their recommendation for you they actually know who you are! At the beginning of senior year you should meet with your counselor and give them your game plan and where you are applying. They can answer any questions you have about the process.  

Later on in the year once you have been admitted and make your final decision your school counselor can help you! I had a hard time finally deciding on Virginia Tech, but my counselor really helped me. Sometimes it's great to just talk to someone knowledgeable who isn't your parent. 

9. Grades & Course Rigor // My advice is to just try your best! You know when you're working hard or hardly working and your grades will reflect this. It's important to do well, but just know that if you're not a straight A student it's OK. There is a college out there for you.  That being said you need to challenge yourself too. Take the AP or IB classes even a few in place of electives. Some of my favorite classes were AP Human Geography, AP European History and Regional Studies which were all classes I took instead of typical elective classes. They challenged and interested me. That being said don't load up on AP and IB classes if you can't handle it. There's nothing worse than feeling like you're drowning and if you are then seek help! Talk to your teacher, counselor or get a tutor. There are always solutions. 

I would suggest taking one fun class a year! Every year that was Chorus for me. I'm not the best singer or anything, but I made so many awesome friends and loved having a smaller community within my high school. If music isn't your thing take Yearbook, Creative Writing, or Art! There are so many fun options that you might not get to take ever again. 

10. Don't Stress // Well even if I say this you probably still will! Just know that you will end up where you are supposed to be! There is a place for you out there and you will find it.  It may not be your dream school or where you originally wanted to go, but it will all be fine. 

Also don't wish away your senior year just so you can start college. There are so many fun things along the way that you should just enjoy it! Your last year of high school is so much fun and you'll never get it back. If you're not a senior yet, just know it goes fast and to enjoy every second of it! It's the last time in your life where you will be in school with people you have known since middle or even elementary school. 

I hope this helped! Let me know if you would like more posts on these topics and if you have any questions!